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- 2 Sisters  

- Beemster (Classic, X-O, Vlaskaas, Goat) 

- Cantenaar

- Edam 

- Frans Hals Goat Gouda 

- 6 yr Gouda 

- Gouda (Aged, Medium, Mild, Spiced) 

- Goat Milk Gouda 

- Honey Bee

- Kaamps

- Landana (Blue, Sheep, w/Chili)

- Lindenhoff

- Melkbus (Truffle Gouda)

- Old Amsterdam 

- Picobello 

- Rembrandt

- Vermeer 

Beemster Classic


Beemster Classic is aged 18 months to give you even more of the signature nutty and buttery flavour profiles you expect from mature gouda cheeses. These cheese wheels are aged with a century's old process on specially tempered Beemster aging planks. The result is a firm texture, velvety mouth-feel, and complex flavor like no other

Beemster Goat


Beemster Goat cheese is a perfect introduction to goat cheeses -  even people who think they don't like goat cheese fall in love with this cheese. Pale, smooth, and semi-soft this cheese is refreshing, sweet and full of flavor.    

Beemster Vlaskaas


Beemster Vlaskaas is produced only during the flax harvest festival. When translated Vlaskaas means flax cheese. This buttery, semi-soft cheese boasts almond notes and a uniquely sweet-sharp finish. 

Beemster X-O


Beemster X-O has a flavor of whiskey, butterscotch and toasted pecans. Matured for more than 2 years, this cheese retains a creamy mouth feel yet has a firm and crumbly texture. Deep caramel notes and mouth-watering crunchy crystals surprise the palate to make this variety a coveted favourite.




Lindenhoff Gouda is a raw milk gouda that is aged for 5 years. With the maturity comes full, complex flavours that are sharp, nutty and sweet. There are hints of caramel and a crunchy crystalline texture. This is one of the oldest (in terms of aging) goudas.



Vermeer is naturally matured for 22 weeks. This award winning, full flavored Dutch cheese has a delicate, fruity taste. Vermeer contains less fat and less salt than classic goudas. It makes a delightful ingredient for salads and an essential cheeseboard staple.



It is aged for a touch over 6 months, giving it a smooth, creamy mouthfeel but with a wonderful depth of flavour.