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- Alpine Extra 

- Appenzeller (Classic, Surchoix, Extra) 

- Der Scharfe Maxx

- Emmental (Classic, Reserve) 

- Gruyere (Classic, Alpage) 

- Le Marechal 

- Mont Vully 

- Raclette (Pasteurized, Raw Milk)

- Sbrinz

- Swiss Tilsiter 

- Tete de Moine 

- Vacherin Fribourgeouis

Alpine Extra


A firm pressed, mountain Swiss cheese made using fresh cow's milk with the addition of fresh cream. Smooth textured, the thick, brushed rind cheese is matured in the humid, cool temperatures of the Kaltbach caves for around 4-5 months. This results in a rich, full flavour.  It is an unpasteurized cheese. Like gruyere alpage.



Appenzeller is a hard cow's milk cheese. An herbal brine, sometimes incorporating cider or wine, is applied to the wheels of cheese during the maturation process. The cheese is straw coloured with tiny holes and a golden rind. It has a strong smell and a fruity or nutty flavour ranging from mild to tangy. There are 3 kinds of Appenzeller; “Classic (silver label)" is aged 3-4 months and is mildly spicy, "Surchoix (gold label)" is aged 4-6 months and is strongly spicy, and the "Extra (Black Label) is aged 6 months or longer and is extra spicy


Der Scharfe Maxx


Der Scharfe Maxx is a hard cows' milk cheese with a poignant taste that is made from thermized milk. The cheesery is run by the Studer family in the third generation. Der Scharfe Maxx tastes like an Appenzeller but is creamier and more piquant. Like other Appenzeller cheeses, the Scharfe Maxx is made with thermized milk. Though mild at first, this semi-soft cheese packs a beefy pungency and a bold, nutty bite. Its sharp finish offers a hint of barnyard from the locally produced raw milk.

Gruyere Alpage


Gruyere is a hard-yellow cheese, named after the town of Gruyere in Switzerland. The cheese is smooth to the touch with a slightly damp feel. It is soft, reasonably firm and not very crumbly. It’s even ivory colouring varies per season. 

Le Marechal


Le Marechal is a raw cows' milk cheese. The cows are fed flax which is rich in omega 3s, and are therefore found naturally in the cheese. The cheese is wrapped in cloth before being pressed into moulds. A mix of aromatic organic herbs are rubbed by hand over the surface during the maturation process. It is matured for a minimum of 120 days. The aging process gives it a sharp nutty taste. It has a creamy mix of floral, nut, and fragrant herbal notes

Mont Vully


Mont Vully is a semi-hard cheese. With its soft, delicate texture, its colour ranging from ivory to pale yellow and its mild and pure, slightly piquant flavour. This original cheese is always a hit. The cheese immediately found favour with cheese lovers, many asking for it in larger quantities. in 1998 the Schafer's stopped making Emmental and started focusing only on Mont Vully. The base for Mont is local, fresh milk from cows fed exclusively on grass and hay. The cheese is matured for 10 weeks, where the wheels are turned and washed with Pinot Noir. Made with pasteurized cow's milk.